Greetings (Ahlan wa Sahlan) to all lovers of the Arabic language anywhere in the world.. who wish to get to know, learn, understand, listen, speak, read and write Arabic.

I'm Inas Asfari, Arabic Language Teacher for all school levels (Native and Non-Arabic Speakers).

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A Little About Me

I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

  • I hold a BA in Arabic Language (literatures and sciences).
  • I have a Diploma in Educational Rehabilitation, and another in Linguistics Advanced Studies.
  • More than 21 years of experience teaching Arabic Language for all school levels (Native and Non-Arabic Speakers).

I'm proud to be an Arabic Teacher, as it is the language of poetry and literature in addition to being a sacred language.

I also write poetry, haiku, short stories, flashes and children's stories.

  • LocationMilwaukee, Wisconsin, USA