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  • There are many types of writing that fall into two main branches:
  • Scientific writing: Deals with, discusses and delves into a specific topic in one of the fields of science and knowledge. The fields of science are very broad, among which we mention two main branches:
    - Natural sciences.
    - Social and psychological sciences.
    The style of scientific writing is easy and simple, simulates reason and logic, and depends on scientific and proven evidence and proofs. The text can be in the form of scientific article, lecture or thesis, scientific biography, statement or advertisement, or scientific research.
  • Literary writing: It is a creative writing that simulates the writer’s imagination and feelings and reflects his tendencies, opinions and feelings through the text he writes. And after we entered the era of speed, media and technology, new writing genres have appeared today that fit the era of speed. For example: the meditative fragment, the short literary article, the very short story, the haiku (a very short poetic text that came from Japan and is spread today in all parts of the world have their own biblical origins and schools).
  • In this section, we publish texts of different written arts on various topics and writing styles.

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Short Stories


The ant .. and a drop of water, very short story

Quarrel, very short story

Me, my Shadow and Sun, very short story


Haiku Society of America



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